SteelHeart™ Series drumsticks are some of the toughest most hardwearing drumsticks you will find on the market.

All of our SteelHeart™ sticks are hand-made in the USA by master drumstick maker Jeff Rich.

Jeff has been making drumsticks for 35 years and during that time he has perfected some secret methods for making his sticks last longer than any others on the market - up to 3 times longer in fact.

He starts by hand-selecting the best hickory logs, ensuring he gets the exact species and type of log he wants. Then he has them re-sawn into boards, which then get further milled to the right diameter. Next Jeff will mill them into dowels using a special process and machine he built himself. The dowels are then cut to length and milled to shape and with their special tip. Finally the raw sticks are cured using a secret process Jeff developed over the course of his fascinating career, which renders them SUPER STRONG and durable, so that they can outlast other sticks even in the most extreme drumming conditions.