SteelHeart™ Texas '88

SteelHeart™ Texas '88

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The Texas '88 is a cool stick design that we decided to make as it is based on a staff favourite design! The name comes from the original model the inspiration came from :-) Classic drummers from the 80's used this stick design and the origination of the design hales from Texas.

The length is quite standard at 16" | 406.4mm like most 5A's and 5B's but with width is somewhere in between a 5A  and 5B just like a 55A.

The unique feel of this stick comes from a nice gradual taper (FastBack) and large round tip. This gives the stick a good balance with a nice solid feel and increased volume from drums and cymbals. The snare and toms will feel and sound more punchy! 

Length - 406.4mm

Diameter - 14.71mm

Tip - Large Round

Balance - FastBack